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Death Perception (Book 1)

Darcy Harbinger sees dead people...before they actually die. Art school grad student Darcy has premonitions of other people’s deaths, but when she tries to warn these walking doomed—or goners, as she calls them—the news doesn’t go over too well. She’s getting a reputation on campus as a witch, a psychic, and a freak. Are Darcy’s powers of paranormal prediction a gift...or a curse?

A mirror phobia, a major caffeine addiction, and a dead body or two. In DEATH PERCEPTION, when Darcy’s intuition interferes with her painting, she winds up with a creepy portrait of a doomed classmate. The girl is livid about her bloody portrayal on canvas—and she’s freaked out by Darcy’s creepy warnings. Despite Darcy’s intention to save the goner girl before it’s too late, she suddenly becomes the number-one suspect in a murder case.

As the evidence against her piles up, so do the corpses. Just one step ahead of the cops, Darcy must investigate and clear her name before the killer paints her into a corner…

Darcy Harbinger Mysteries

Grave Misfortune flashes back four years  before the events of Death Perception to a time when Darcy and her best friend, Charlie, were still college undergrads. On a trip to the Little Five Points Halloween Festival in Atlanta, Darcy gets roped into having her fortune told by Madame Margery, a carnival-variety psychic. But it's Madame Margery's future that really looks grim when Darcy sees that the woman is marked for death. When the psychic is found bludgeoned to death with her own crystal ball, Charlie may be dressing up in a prison jumpsuit for Halloween when he lands at the top of the suspect list. Can Darcy scare the real killer out of hiding and prove her friend's innocence? 

Grave Misfortune (Prequel, Novella 0.5)

*Previously published as Dark Perception

Coming Soon!

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