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Amelia Grace Rock N' Roll Mysteries


Murder at Castle Rock (Book 1)

As the manager and booking agent for Atlanta’s famous Castle Rock concert venue, Amelia “Ame” Grace is ready for the most exciting week of her career: she’s booked three shows and a live DVD-filming for the comeback tour of none other than the Pop Rock Prince himself, Bobby Glitter! Before the rock star can take a bow on the first night, however, trouble steals the show as Castle Rock’s owner takes a deadly tumble from atop the venue’s rear tower. To make matters worse, the police suspect foul play—and all signs point to two of Castle Rock’s own employees. Ame is in a race against time to clear the names of her friends and uncover the truth before the killer decides it’s curtains for her too!

*2012 AJC Decatur Book Festival Writing Contest Winner
*2013 Book Junkie's Choice Best Debut Fiction Novel Winner
*2014 RONE Award Best Mystery/Thriller Nominee

Caper at Castle Rock (Short Story 1.5)

Twenty year-old Bronwyn Sinclair gets a turn at telling a story from her point of view in this mini-mystery. When an accident at the staff summer pool party leaves Ame with a sprained ankle, Bronwyn steps in to run a show at Castle Rock--it's a chance to prove herself and cozy up to the hot newly-promoted assistant manager, Reese Martin. But when a rockstar's guitar goes missing during the show, Bronwyn must find out who took it before Castle Rock ends up on the entertainment blacklist. Did the thief who swiped gear from two other Atlanta venues strike again, or was the heist an inside job?

*USA TODAY Bestselling Anthology, 2016

Deception at Castle Rock (Book 2)

The last time Amelia Grace and her best friend, Kat, saw their college buds in the band Royal Flush, the guys had just launched a super-successful rock n’ roll career. Five years later, Ame's world- famous musician pals are back for a tour stop at Castle Rock. Things get heated during a fan meet-and-greet, leading to discord amongst the band members. When Royal Flush’s bass guitarist, Syd Malone, is found dead, Ame’s ex-boyfriend, Mickey, finds himself with an all-access pass to a prison cell. Between juggling her duties at Castle Rock and assuring her FBI agent beau, Emmett, that her former romance with Mickey was a one-hit wonder, Ame is on the case to prove her ex’s innocence and expose a web of lies that goes deeper than the tracks on a rock album's B-side.

*Night Owl Reviews Top Pick
*2016 RONE Awards Best Mystery Nominee

Sleighed at Castle Rock (Short Story 2.5)

Exclusively on Amazon!

No matter what season, the holidays can be murder! Bronwyn Sinclair, assistant to Castle Rock manager, Amelia Grace, is feeling Grinchy—but who can blame her? With Ame out of town, Bronwyn is taking over her duties running the concert venue's Christmas in July music festival and Battle of the Bands competition. It's hard enough to get into the holiday spirit in the sweltering summer heat, but things take a turn for the deadly when someone slips mistletoe in one of the judge's drinks. Can Bron scratch the would-be killer off her naughty list before the whole festival is ruined?


Bestselling Anthology, 2016

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